Friday, May 17, 2019

A Mad Ringmaster in a Mad Circus

He's Getting Worse Every Day!
He's getting worse every day, and better at keeping everyone off balance, domestic and foreign. All to feed his narcissistic needs; never to make the country or the world a better place; working daily to divide and incite poisonous base instincts, and create a mad circus with him as the mad ringmaster.

The more he gets away with it, the more he will do it and the more outrageous and dangerous he will become.  We should be worried about the warning of Michael Cohen; it's not clear that there will be an orderly election or change of power in 2020.  We should fear for the government, the country and for that matter the world.

Twenty-three candidates will undermine each other.  There needs to be a countervailing leader or coalition of candidates (Biden and Harris?) to respond and methodically deal with him, now not later.  It's really risky to let him continue his destabilization as we approach 2020, both for the integrity of that turning-point election and the possibility that he will stumble us into global conflagration.

Whether or not an impeachment will turn him out of office, it will at least demonstrate that the opposition has a backbone and can act. That will give right-thinking people heart and bring them together to demand and achieve a return to rational decency, hopefully saving us from the madness.

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A commentary by Jay Fidell

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